Offering Flexible Financing as a Rabobank partner

Flexible Financing allows your end users to request a loan based on their revenue data. The loan payments can also change along with their revenue. That way, they don’t need to worry about how to make the payments if there’s a temporary dip in revenue.

Whether you offer bookkeeping, e-commerce or payment services, Flexible Financing is a good fit in any platform.
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Flexible Financing: a loan based on revenue data

Can you see end users’ revenue data on your platform? If so, then Flexible Financing might be an excellent addition to your package of services. Flexible Financing allows end users to request a loan based on their revenue data. That way, you can help them invest in growing their businesses. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the exact same revenue every month, so the payments can change to match the revenue. And the end user doesn’t have to worry about making the payments if there’s a temporary dip in income.

The benefits for your users

The benefits of Flexible Financing include:

Fast and convenient. Loan applications can be submitted directly in your platform within 10 minutes. Low banking rates. Customers can request a loan of € 5,000 - € 250,000 with a term of 3 to 12 months. Available for business customers of Rabobank, ING and ABN AMRO.

Would you like to test whether Flexible Financing adds value for your end users? Or would you like to integrate the service directly into your software? Then please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available.

The benefits of Flexible Financing in your platform

Help your customers grow

Use the data in your platform to help your customers invest in growth.

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Enrich your service

Position yourself as a one-stop shop for your customers. And expand your services with an additional service.

Generate extra income

Generate extra income by integrating Flexible Financing into your platform. And share in the profits!

How do you integrate Flexible Financing into your platform?

From low-threshold testing to full integration; we are happy to brainstorm together with our partners to find out how Flexible Financing can fit into their platform and meet their customers’ needs. Together, we will draw up a plan that addresses the goals, the business case, the customer journey, marketing activities, technical coordination and optimization.


Limited integration

Link from your platform to the Rabobank for financing offers. This landing can also be customized to suit your platform. No transactions or customer data are exchanged. This form of integration is a good way to identify your customers’ needs.


Partial integration

Your customer can share their revenue data from your platform with Rabobank to request a loan offer. Rabobank can then present the offer to your customer on its own platform. Sharing the data can automatically fill in parts of the application, or even replace them entirely. This form of integration gives your customers the benefit of requesting financing from your platform, with more convenience and less hassle.


Full integration

Your customer can request Flexible Financing within your own platform. You collect the necessary data and share them using the API. Then you can present the financing offer to your customer within your platform. Rabobank will only contact the customer if the offer is accepted. So your customer can request Flexible Financing within your own platform in just a few minutes. This form of full integration enriches your proposition. It allows you to offer an extra service, where your customers can request Flexible Financing with just a few clicks of the mouse button.


Discuss the possibilities

Are you interested in how Flexible Financing can enrich your platform? We’d be happy to show you some inspiring examples, and brainstorm about how the financing can fit within your platform and meet your customers’ needs.

Offer your customers Flexible Financing

Would you like to learn more about Flexible Financing, or to discuss how the service can enrich your platform? Then please feel free to contact us!