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Curious how Embedded Services can enhance your platform?

Help your customers grow by offering them Embedded Finance!

By adding Embedded Finance to your platform, you ensure that your users can apply for financing quickly and easily at the touch of a button. On this page you will find an overview of all Embedded Finance products offered by Rabobank, aimed at providing loans to your customers.

Widget: Full Integration and Control

Want to keep your customers within your platform? Then the widget is an ideal solution. Our Widget gives you full control over the integration. It is an updated version of Invoice Financing that can be seamlessly integrated on your page. You choose where the widget is placed and how it is displayed on your page. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have made sure that the widget can be easily integrated as developers are used to. As a result, your developers will integrate the widget in no time.

    Full Integration: Place the widget wherever you want, customise the size and colours. Customer-centric: Let customers experience Invoice Financing in your brand colours. Pre-filling: Simplify the application process with pre-filled Chamber of Commerce numbers and contact details. Easy to Implement: You import our NPM package and integrate the widget with HTML tags and properties into your website's code.

With the widget, customers stay on your page, preserving the user experience, without the need for an API connection from the client side. This ensures a seamless and efficient user experience.

Onze simpele Referral

Referral: Easily offer financing on your platform

Want to offer financing easily from your platform? Then referral is a good solution. It offers a quick and easy way to direct your customers to our Invoice Financing service. With a URL redirect, you redirect customers to our website. Because the customer enters our environment, it is not a full integration. You retain the flexibility to implement information banners or promotional material of your own choice. The benefits of a referral:

    Fast and direct: Simply redirect customers to our platform. Customisable advertising: Choose how you promote Invoice Finance yourself. Flexibility: Choose where the redirect is displayed in the platform.

From exploration to integration


1. Exploration of shared ambitions

We will hold workshops where we will explore marketing initiatives and experiment ideas together, set key objectives and KPIs, and fine-tune everything for a smooth go-live date. This will ensure that our shared ambitions are translated into concrete actions.


2. Platform enrichment and promotion

Together, we define the desired workflows and look at how to activate users through the platform. Then we ensure effective promotion of the platform.


3. Agreement and technical developments

After defining the agreement, including integration type and terms, we exchange API documentation. We go through the technical process together, from feedback sessions and drafting user stories to the final version, ensuring everything is integrated seamlessly and efficiently.

Your Choice, your Integration

Whether you prefer the speed of forwarding or full widget control, we offer the integration option that best suits your platform. Let's work together to give your customers the best possible financial experience and help them grow.

Your platform, enhanced by Rabobank

Curious how Embedded Services can enhance your platform?