Increase your sales by offering leasing

Do you sell products to B2B customers? Offer them Rabobank's Embedded Lease, with the option of paying in instalments. Then you won't have to wait for your money and won't have to carry the risk of non-payment.

    You can integrate this solution in the invoice or payment options page, for example.Embedded Lease is an innovative product of Rabobank and is developed jointly with partners....
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Helping customers finance their purchase with Embedded Lease

Entrepreneurs sometimes find it difficult to make payments all at once, especially for large purchases such as appliances and vehicles, and request staggered payments. Simultaneously, you don't want to wait for payment and risk the instalments not being paid. Which is why Rabobank offers Embedded Lease. Enabling customers to buy the product they need for growth and pay it off in instalments. You will receive payment in full immediately with no worries about payment. We take those on.

Benefits for your users

The advantages of Embedded Lease are:

    Ability to make large purchases with staggered payments. Easy and fast. Requested directly in your platform. Inexpensive. With our fixed banking rates, we offer entrepreneurs a highly economical solution for accessing working capital. Up to 100% of the purchase value of new and used products. A term of between 2 and 10 years (depending on the Lease object).

Embedded Lease is an innovative product of Rabobank. As a cooperative bank, we are happy to work with partners to achieve and improve this product. This means working closely together during the process to fully understand both your and your customer's needs, and to tailor the product accordingly.

The benefits of Embedded Lease on your platform

Help clients grow

Entrepreneurs can invest in the growth of their business with Embedded Lease. The staggered payments help them manage their cash-flow.

Improve your sales

Provide entrepreneurs the ability to buy products without major impact on their cash-flow.

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Improve ease of use

Make the buying process even easier for your customers by offering instant financing.

How to integrate Embedded Lease on your platform

We like to work closely with our partners. We do this at strategic, tactical and operational levels. We address all relevant topics. For example, the technical implementation, business case, goals, customer journey, marketing activities and learning & optimization agenda. Our Partner Manager is your main point of contact however our team of experts is also available to make implementation a success.


Discover the possibilities and opportunities

Have a meeting with a partner manager, without any further obligations, to see how Embedded Lease could enhance your platform. We will inform you more about market trends, the product and how it adds value for you and your customer. You can ask any questions you might have and we will be happy to constructively spar with you.


Exploration and Business Case

We will jointly explore how Embedded Lease can strengthen your platform. In doing so we will examine the Business Case and discuss goals and a rough planning. We will also make an estimate the amount of work and capacity required to achieve implementation.


Customer Validation, Customer Journey & Activation Workshops

Customer relevance underlies the choice of Embedded Lease. In order to guarantee the success of the product on your platform, we will assess the customer and conduct several interviews to better identify the potential of the integration and map out the customer journey. Our marketing experts will think along and work with you to familiarize your customers with the new payment option.


Partner with us!

Now that we have a clear plan, it is time to sign up and toast to a successful joint venture! Following this celebratory moment, we can officially join hands to successfully implement Embedded Lease on your platform.

Offer your customers Embedded Lease

Would you like to learn more about Embedded Lease or discuss how this service can enhance your platform? Please contact us!