Business Instant Payout

Integrate with Rabobank and automate your payment transactions. That will allow you to make instant payments to your customers, partners or employees at the moment of your choosing via the Business Instant Payout API.

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Business Instant Payout: automate your payment transactions

With Business Instant Payout, your company can completely automate payment transactions via a direct API connection between your application and Rabobank. That will help reduce manual activities outside of your own system, which contributes to improving cash management activities and reducing costs and risks. Business Instant Payout is perfect for businesses or payment platforms that want to be able to transfer money automatically to their customers’ or employees’ accounts 24/7.

How does it work?

With the Business Instant Payout API, your application can send separate, signed payment orders to Rabobank at any moment. These euro payments are processed immediately, without a user interface like Rabo Business Banking. That way, you can automate your payments based on your own business rules, while increasing customer satisfaction with the instant payment solution.

The benefits of Business Instant Payout

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Better cash management

By automating your payments with the API, you can reduce the risk of errors, as well as the costs of payment transactions.

Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction because payments are performed - and credited to the recipient’s account - automatically.

Submit automated payment orders

Save time by using the API, which allows you to automate the simultaneous submission large numbers of individual payment orders directly from your back-office systems.

How do you request the Rabo Instant Payout API?


Step 1:

Contact our partner manager using the contact form to talk about your needs and preferences.


Step 2:

Sign in to the Developer Portal and sign the supplemental contract.


Step 3:

Create a Sandbox account.


Step 4:

Create your app in the Rabobank Developer Portal, and subscribe to the Business Instant Payout API.


Step 5:

Once Rabobank has received the signed contract, you can get started with live production data.

Would you like to know more about Business Instant Payout?

Would you like more information about Business Instant Payout, or do you have any questions?