Rabo SmartPin API

Paying with Rabo SmartPin is even easier for your customers with the API link. With the Rabo SmartPin App-in-app (API) link, your customer can initiate a payment from their own mobile app and process it in the Rabo SmartPin environment.

    Offer your customer optimal payment convenienceDirect link with customer’s own systemsDebit and credit card payments and refund payments via the API
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Integrate Rabo SmartPin into your own app

With the Rabo SmartPin App-in-App (API) link, you can offer your customers the optimal convenience. You create a fully personalized app for your customer, with the Rabo SmartPin API integrated into the software. That way, your customer only needs to use a single app for their customer’s payments and to see the relevant payment details. Ideal for employees on the move, or in the hospitality industry. Integrate debit and credit card payments and refunds. With the Rabo SmartPin Software Development Kit, you can also easily develop the integration for your customer.

How does it work?

To use the Rabo SmartPin API link, your customer must have a Rabo Smart Pay contract with Rabo SmartPin. The customer can request these services themselves via the site.

Rabo SmartPin

You develop a mobile app for your customer, exactly as they want it. You can then integrate the app with the Rabo SmartPin app using the instruction manual. That way, your customer can initiate a payment from the mobile app you created and process it in the Rabo SmartPin environment. Customers can pay using their debit cards via the Rabo SmartPin card reader. Upon completion of the payment, the user returns to their own mobile app with the information that is relevant to them. This simplifies your customer’s payment process and makes it easier for them to keep records.

The benefits of the Rabo SmartPin API

Enrich your service package

By offering Rabo SmartPin in apps you build, you can expand your product’s possibilities and offer your customers more and better services.

All-in-1 app

By integrating the Rabo SmartPin API into your customer’s app, the customer no longer needs to switch between different apps to make debit card payments. That offers your customers more convenience, and saves them time.

Simplified administration

If you also use the Rabo SmartPin Backend API, then your customer can keep track of even larger numbers of users and products in Rabo SmartPin via a PC or laptop.

How do you request the Rabo SmartPin API?


Step 1:

Have your customer request a Rabo Smart Pay contract, or go through the request together with your customer. Your customer can only use the API if they have also implemented Rabo Smart Pay with Rabo SmartPin.


Step 2:

In the meantime, you develop the app for your customer in accordance with their preferences and the appropriate look-and-feel.


Step 3:

Sign in to the Developer Portal, create an account and register your organization. Create a Sandbox account in the Developer Portal.


Step 4:

Create your app in the Rabobank Developer Portal, and subscribe to the Rabo SmartPin SDK and/or APIs.


Step 5:

Integrate Rabo SmartPin into your customer’s app, then go live!

Would you like to know more about the Rabo SmartPin API?

Would you like more information about the Rabo SmartPin API, or do you have any questions? Then please see the Developer Portal or feel free to contact us.