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Thousands of identity checks via automated workflow platform

To check the identities of tens of thousands of clients for a major insurance firm, Datametrics developed an automated workflow platform. The platform is integrated with Rabo Identity Services’ ID Check. “That saves the customer a lot of time.”

Data as a solution

Datametrics aims to make data accessible and usable within organizations, explains Operational Manager Gidion Tharmakulasingam. “To do that, we help companies with things like setting up their data architecture, implementing it, and helping them solve practical issues pertaining to security and privacy. What’s a typical example of our work? Imagine a company that watches one-fifth of its customers leave each year. We use data to look for the causes of that, and help think of ways for the company to solve the problem using data management.”

Platform for workflows

Datametrics was founded 10 years ago, and has around 15 employees in the Netherlands and Belgium, with software units in Morocco and South Africa. Gidion: “Since our founding in 2013, we’ve mainly been active in the financial world. But we’re increasingly focusing on other sectors too, lie the travel and fashion industries. Because our products can be used by a wide variety of companies. One of those products is intelliFlow, a workflow platform. It can be used for workflows like mortgage mediation or buying disability insurance. The system organizes processes from simple to complex, and dramatically reduces the average time it takes to compile a dossier.”

Thousands of mails every day

With intelliFlow, Datametrics built a special module to support the insurer Univé in conducting an identity check. The check is required by the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). “We rolled it out at two of the insurer’s regional offices. Univé now sends thousands of mails from intelliFlow, asking customers to conduct an ID check themselves via an automated workflow. That saves the customer a significant investment in time and resources, and the customer experiences a simple process for identifying themselves.”

Reliable partner

“Together with our client, we set up the perfect workflow, including the data exchange between systems, automatic mailing, notifications and monitoring the process”, Gidion explains. “So Univé can conduct the necessary identity check for all of its existing customers on its own. But the insurer can also use it to automatically check new customers’ identities too.” Datametrics uses Rabo Identity Services’ ID Check to verify customers’ identities. The workflow identifies people based on a valid proof of identification document. ‘It’s the ideal solution for us. ID Check works well, and Rabobank is a reliable partner. The end client also appreciates that, and Univé is very pleased with it so far. Rabo Identity Services’ ID Check, linked via the API, is now a standard intelliFlow WWFT solution, so other organizations can take advantage of it as well.”


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