Parcel service Parcls: a green neighbor

9 August 2021 16:38

Recently, webshops have become even more popular due to coronavirus measures. According to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, in 2020 no less than 103% more parcels were delivered in the Netherlands than in the previous year. This has put even more pressure on the livability of cities, which are increasingly congested due to polluting delivery vans. Parcls, an Amsterdam-based company, offers a more sustainable alternative: joint, emission-free parcel delivery.


Luc van Gompel, Director of Parcls: "The number of vans driving around, delivering parcels, puts an enormous pressure on towns and cities. We prefer to offer a sustainable solution to this, allowing us to improve the livability of the city with fewer emissions and fewer vans on the road." In Amsterdam alone, the parcel service delivered over 350,000 parcels sustainably by the end of 2020. "That's a saving of up to 55,000kg in CO emissions."

Parcls began as a startup in 2016 with just one parcel location in Amsterdam and now has seven locations. The parcel service allows consumers to have their parcels delivered and collect and return their parcels at one fixed point – for free. The parcel locations even have a fitting room so that consumers can try on and return clothes straight away.

Cargo bikes

The earning model is in the subscriptions that the company offers. Van Gompel explains: "Many consumers still go for convenience. That’s why we offer two subscriptions. Thanks to the Priority Lane, you don't have to wait in line until it's your turn. With our delivery subscription, we deliver all your parcels in one go at a time of your choice each week. That way you don't have to bother your neighbors with your pile of parcels." Parcls has a sustainable solution for this, of course. "We use cargo bikes. The last kilometer to the front door is completely CO-free."

Green Deal

Parcls wants to contribute to Amsterdam’s livability, which is why the parcel service signed the Green Deal for Zero Emission City Logistics, a declaration of intent for climate-neutral entrepreneurship by the municipality of Amsterdam. Parcls not only offers green benefits – it also plays a role in the neighborhood. "With the parcel locations, we are creating 100 new local jobs for jobseekers and attracting more visitors to local shops. How great is that?"

Transition to a sustainable society

Rabobank has positively affected the company in many ways. Van Gompel: "Besides funding, Rabobank has helped us with their knowledge and expertise of the sector and put us in touch with the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund (AKEF). This has resulted in a second loan, allowing us to grow further. At the moment, we are working on our plans to cover Amsterdam region with 13 locations and the bigger cities with 30 to 40. We are working on a sustainable society and the decreased CO emission isn’t the only indicator: we work together with several partners, which allows us to create employment opportunities, decrease emission, make the city more livable and strengthen the social cohesion locally!”

Jeroen Brouwer, startup & scale-up banker at Rabobank: “Helping entrepeneurs grow in a sustainable way is very important for a future-proof and livable Amsterdam. By financing Parcls we can contribute to the transition to a sustainable society."

Edwin van de Wijngaard, also startup & scale-up banker at Rabobank: “We help companies with network, knowledge and financing. By introducing them to others, we together were able to jointly fill in the total financing need of Parcls."