The Startup & Scale-up team

9 augustus 2021 16:27

Successfully launching a startup and scaling it up into a mature company is a challenge. The Rabobank Startup and Scale-up team wants to actively contribute to your chances of success and your company’s development speed. We do this by helping you with the most suitable financial solutions, information and valuable connections.


Growing A Better World Together

Based on our mission, "Growing a better world together", we support entrepreneurs and (regional) ecosystems by increasing broad prosperity in a future-proof way. Major transitions are shaping the world we live in. Rabobank focuses on the transitions that we can and want to have an impact on through our propositions. These include the food, climate and energy transitions, as well as digitalization and sustainability.

Our vision

We believe that startups and scale-ups play an essential role in a world that is characterized by continuous change. New business models are emerging in almost all sectors and technological developments come in rapid succession. The world of tomorrow looks different from the world of today and is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. Innovation is essential in order to face challenges and cash in on opportunities.

Startups and scale-ups are innovators of the economy due to their innovative strength. They make an important contribution to solving societal challenges and are the most important growth enabler for the economy and employment in the Netherlands. That is why they align perfectly with our ambition to support innovative – and sometimes disruptive – fast-growing companies across a wide range of sectors and technologies. And we do so by building long-term relationships and being a partner in their growth and success.

“ “Whatever phase of life you’re in, from startup to IPO, as a bank we are your go-to partner for further growth” - Peter Ruis, Startup & Scale-up banker at Rabobank”

About the Startup & Scale-up team

Rabobank’s Startup & Scale-up Team is a team of dedicated specialists who assist startups and scale-ups on their road to success. Working with rapidly growing, innovative companies on a daily basis, we understand your needs and challenges. We know numerous investors and financiers. Through our financial products and services, our (international) network and our knowledge, we will help you convert your ambitions into an outstanding company.

We believe in collaboration and the power of ecosystems. We will be happy to give you access to our extensive network to help you grow, from valuable introductions to investors to establishing relevant connections with other entrepreneurs. We will also work together with our regional and national partners (accelerators, incubators and advisory partners) to increase your insights, knowledge and network.