As a startup and scale-up, this is what you need to know about pensions and insurance

9 August 2021 16:54

As a business owner your focus is on attracting new investors, putting together teams, searching for (office) space and recruiting clients. Insurance and taking care of pensions? Don’t need to deal with that right now. By properly setting up your insurance and pensions straight away, you will save yourself a lot of worries later on. To make things easy for you, we’ve set out the most important insurance policies for you below.

Verzekeren en pensioen voor startups & scale-ups

Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance insures damage to others or to others’ property caused by you, your employees or your products. The company’s liability does not fall under your personal liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance covers liability for damage caused by professional misconduct during advisory activities. The coverage is geared to your profession. The consequence of professional misconduct often consists of pecuniary damage (financial loss). Professional misconduct can also result in property damage (damage to possessions) or personal injury (physical or mental injury). For the acceptance of this insurance, having set up good general terms and conditions is often required.

Absenteeism insurance

As a business owner, you may deal with an employee’s long-term absence, for example due to burn-out or illness. As an employer, you are obligated in such situations to keep paying at least 70% of the employee’s salary for two years. By covering your risks with absenteeism insurance, these costs as well as the costs of your sick employee’s reintegration will be reimbursed. Ensure income security and prevent financial risks with regard to your staff with absenteeism insurance.

Cyber insurance

With cyber insurance you protect your business from damage caused by cyber incidents. This also includes the risks of data leaks due to human error or technical failures. This insurance combats cyber risk before, during and after an incident.


You naturally want a retirement plan that fits your scalable business and allows your team to make individual choices. That's how you attract good staff and retain employees longer.

Personal advice

Rabobank also wants to be your partner for insurance and pensions. We offer personalized advice that matches your business and situation. We will assess your business risks together with you or help you set up employee benefits, for example.

I want personal advice for my business