samenwerken met Rabobank

Working together to create solutions for our customers & the world around us

We believe in the power of innovating together. As a cooperative bank, we are always looking for partners to provide solutions that are good for both our clients & the world around us. There are multiple ways in which we can collaborate and form these partnerships.

Discover how you can innovate together with Rabobank

Rabobank is not looking for product enhancements but for disruptive initiatives that are ‘ten times better, faster and cheaper’. Do you have an innovative solution? Let's discover how we can innovate together.

Samen innoveren met Rabobank

Offering your product or service

At Rabobank, we strongly believe that we cannot and need not invent everything ourselves. There are many individuals and companies building products and services that we can offer to our clients and partners. We are constantly looking for exciting new technologies that will take our banking experience to the next level for millions of clients across the world. Do you have a minimum viable product, a business plan and a vision, along with some clients? We'd love to get to know you and your company!

Let's collaborate

Rabobank’s current focus is on tapping into the latest emerging technologies and the startup & scale-up ecosystem in order to identify ideas that align with our innovation issues and help our business lines to accelerate. We work together to develop, validate and pilot promising technologies. Sound familiar? You have probably heard about some of our recent successful pilots that have been rolled out on a global scale.

Tell us about your disruptive idea

We're not afraid of a challenge. At Rabobank, we are all for a trial-and-error approach. We can't wait to collaborate on innovative solutions in a pilot. Could your disruptive idea help Rabobank on a large scale? Tell us more!

Why Rabobank? The advantages for your business

What's in it for you? Below are the key benefits of partnering with Rabobank for you and your business:

    Access to clients, partners and suppliers Innovation communities and networking opportunities Knowledge and expertise Guidance and support throughout the pilot or collaboration Opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and advisors to make your product as successful as possible Potential for additional business collaborations, with a potential loan to help improve your business Access to various areas of expertise at Rabobank
Nivida Lamichhane

Want to launch a collaboration?

We want to get to know you! Let’s arrange a meeting to explore whether we can join forces. Tell us more about your business, your disruptive idea or anything else you want to share with us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.