You can deposit cash at the Rabobank in three ways: via the seal bag machine, via the deposit machine and via money transport. You can also order money online.

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Depositing money at the bank

During office hours it is possible to deposit cash at the deposit machine in the bank's lobby. To do so you need a Rabobank bank card. The amount is then paid into a designated account.

Depositing money using seal bags

Seal bags are a safe and efficient way of depositing your cash at the Rabobank. You can deposit your euro and foreign currency banknotes in a sealed package in a safe 24 hours a day.

Money transport service

Depositing money using a money transport service of your choice is efficient way of depositing your cash safely at the cash counting centre. You can make the necessary arrangements by entering into a contract with a money transport company of your choice. Money transport is particularly convenient if you want to make frequent deposits at a number of different branches.

Conditions and Fees

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