Cash withdrawals and deposits for business clients

As an entrepreneur, you want to arrange your cash deposits and withdrawals as quickly and safely as possible. Therefore Geldmaat deposit machines and ATM’s are available for cash withdrawals and deposits in the Netherlands. If you want to deposit larger amounts of euro notes you can consider to use a money transporter.

Geldmaat Location Guide

View the Location Guide for the locations and opening hours of a Geldmaat depositing machines and ATM’s in your area.

Tip: use the filters to indicate what you are looking for. For example, choose 'Deposit sealbag' or 'Withdraw coins'.

Cash deposits

You have the option to deposit cash via a deposit machine, seal bag machine or money transporter. In the table below we have made a comparison of the different options.

Cash withdrawals

You can withdraw cash at all Geldmaat coin machines and ATMs. View the Geldmaat Location Guide for the location and opening hours.

Cash withdrawal options


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