PSV scores with debit card payments via Twelve and Rabobank

Since PSV’s supporters can pay for their food and beverages at the stadium using their debit cards, the soccer club’s income has increased. PSV Eindhoven’s Financial Director Jaap van Baar talks about the benefits of the partnership with Twelve and Rabobank.

Whole tokens, or half

“PSV is a nationally and internationally famous brand, but the scale of the organization makes us a medium-sized business. Including player transfers, our revenue is around 150 million euros on average. Part of that income comes from the stadium food and beverage sales. In the past, we used a token system to pay at the concession stands. People could by the tokens at a special cash register or machine. But it was a lot of hassle, with whole and half tokens, and it wasn’t very customer-friendly. For example, the tokens were only valid for one season. We didn’t think that was appropriate for a good club like PSV.”

Paying with a chip card

“So in 2017, we chose to contract with payment supplier Twelve. With their system, we switched to a cashless payment system via the PSV payment card, which includes the option of a link to a loyalty system. That gives us access to data about how much someone bought per location. We didn’t switch to debit card payments at that time, because most debit cards weren’t suitable for contact-free payment. And typing in a pin code takes too much time at the register. Time that we desperately needed during the brief peak sales moments. So we chose to put a chip in the club and season ticket cards.”

ebit cards as a new step

“That was a step forwards compared to the tokens, but there were still some disadvantages to the payment method. For example, putting the chip in the card was relatively expensive. Plus, we haven’t done much with the available data so far. And since then, no-contact payment has made some giant leaps. So last year, we switched to debit card payment in collaboration with Rabobank and Twelve.”

Buying beer faster

“Now, paying in the stadium is faster, safer and more customer-friendly. And importantly: we’ve noticed an increase in income since then.”

“During the matches, supporters can only pay with their debit card. That can reach up to 25,000 transactions per match, or more. The only places people can still pay with cash are the FANstore or the ticket desk. The payments in the stadium are now faster, safer and more customer-friendly. And importantly: we’ve noticed an increase in income. Probably because there are fewer obstacles to buying a beer. Before, after the 80th minute of the match people wouldn’t bother if they didn’t have a balance on their card. You had to top up the card balance first before you could order, and that took too long. Now it’s all much faster and more convenient.”

No more bulk transactions

“Twelve and Rabobank are important partners for us. Twelve supplies all the payment machines at the stadium. We bought the machines from Twelve and then rent them out for other events at the stadium or in the summer. We purchase all of the debit card transactions from Rabobank. Now, we have a nice revenue flow on Monday mornings after a match. We use Rabo OmniKassa for that, which is very pleasant to use. We can view all of the cash flows in the OmniKassa dashboard, and we can differentiate between them. That was a lot more difficult before we started working with Rabo OmniKassa. All of the money from the FANstore and the concession stands came in at once, which made it hard to search through.”

Everything in the smartphone

“Over the next few years, we’ll work with Twelve and Rabobank to adapt to all of the new developments in the area of payment, like paying via smartphone, which is already available at the stadium. In fact, everything will concentrate on the smartphone: even the season ticket will probably be stored there. But we also want to be a welcoming club, where people can have personal contact if they need it. Because in addition to the income, that’s the most important thing to us: that 35,000 people can experience a visit to our stadium as pleasant, safe and fun. And the partnership with Twelve and Rabobank helps us with that.”