Thanks to Momo Medical's BedSense, nursing home staff can instantly see which resident needs care

8 March 2023 9:00

The ever-increasing aging population is one of the biggest challenges in the Dutch healthcare sector. More and more nursing homes and care facilities don’t have space for new residents and staff shortages are growing. Night shifts are particularly hard on staff. To relieve healthcare personnel, Delft entrepreneurs Menno Gravemaker and Ide Swager founded their company Momo Medical in 2017. The BedSense they developed, a mat with smart sensors that’s placed under the mattress of nursing home residents, provides insight into the current condition of residents at all times.

Unburdening healthcare personnel

The sensors in the BedSense measure a person's movement, heart rate and breathing and show whether a person is getting out of bed, restless, giving a sign of life or lying in the same position for too long based on the collected data. Lying in the same position for too long is risky, because it can cause bedsores and cramping. Healthcare personnel have access to the collected data via the BedSense App. Here they can quickly and easily see who is doing well and who needs care or attention.

The idea for Momo Medical originated when Gravemaker's grandmother was living in a nursing home. He noticed that healthcare personnel were having a hard time, especially during night shifts. To ease the workload and thus relieve care personnel, he developed the BedSense, and linked the smart mat to an app for your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Gravemaker: "The BedSense can predict when someone is about to leave their bed. That way the nursing staff knows who they have to check on, before that person is out of bed. Because the BedSense can help prevent falls, it can be especially helpful to residents who are at risk of falling.'

More rest for healthcare personnel and residents

In addition to providing more efficient care for residents, the BedSense creates more rest for both healthcare personnel and residents. Because nurses and caregivers can see exactly when they need to attend to someone, they need to make fewer rounds during the night. They no longer need to visit residents who are sleeping peacefully and can devote more attention and time to residents who do need help. Sleeping residents are no longer unnecessarily woken by a door opening in the middle of the night or a lamp being turned on. Gravemaker: "During the development phase of BedSense, I mainly talked to caregivers to find out what their needs were. Then I started working night shifts in various nursing homes. I still do that a lot. By joining healthcare personnel on their shifts, I learned more and more about their work processes and gained a better understanding of how we can support them.'

How Rabobank supports Momo Medical

Rabobank was involved with Momo Medical from an early stage. Rabobank Startup & Scale-up banker Healthcare Martijn Starre says: "With their innovative invention, Momo Medical makes a valuable contribution to our healthcare. Thanks to the BedSense, there are 40% fewer falls, fewer people are needed to work night shifts and there is less sick leave among healthcare personnel in nursing homes. Momo Medical's solution thus fits nicely with Rabobank's vision to promote prevention and digitalization in healthcare. In the initial phase of Momo Medical, Rabobank provided an Innovation Loan for the development of their product. Halfway through last year, we provided another growth financing for further growth of the company. Rabobank can not only provide financial help, but also in terms of networking and knowledge. We have a large network within the healthcare sector and can, for example, introduce Momo to certain mental health or elderly care institutions. Furthermore we also organize various events in the field of healthcare.'

Expanding abroad and other future plans

Gravemaker and his team are not ones to sit still. Already more than 6,000 residents and 800 healthcare professionals are using the BedSense, and the BedSense App. But that's not all. Momo is expanding abroad. Gravemaker: 'The BedSense is already being used in several places in America, and soon we’ll start supporting healthcare personnel in Canada. Later this year we’ll also expand to Germany. In the Netherlands I recently started joining home healthcare workers on their shifts, to see how care is provided there. I’d like to see what opportunities await us there.'

National healthcare innovation award

Great news for Momo Medical: on March 30th, the Momo BedSense was named one of the two winners of the National Care Innovation Prize 2023. The Momo BedSense App won the audience award. With 43% of the votes, Momo Medical was the clear favorite among the public.

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