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Sometimes, as an entrepreneur with an innovative idea, you need money in order to grow your business. We are happy to help finance your innovation. Especially when there are no proven results, cash flow or paying clients. Familiarize yourself with our 15 financial products and 3 innovation funds that may help your business to grow sustainably and responsibly at each development stage. View all options below or make an appointment now.


All phases Pre-startup Startup Scale-up

Rabo Innovation Loan

If you’re an entrepreneur with a good, innovative idea and you’re looking for a loan to start up your business (BV), a Rabo Innovation Loan will allow you to start developing your plans in time.

loan of between €25,000 and €150,000 no repayments for the first two years for developments that contribute to sustainability, digitalization or vitality

Bank guarantee (facility)

A bank guarantee provides payment security for you and your domestic trading partner.

A bank guarantee creates trust on both sides Guarantee of delivery or payment Apply for or change your bank guarantee quickly and easily

Borgstellingskrediet (BMKB, government-supported loan)

Borgstellingskrediet is a business loan supported by the Dutch government. There are two types: a regular borgstellingskrediet for healthy SMEs that can provide little collateral, and BMBK-C for entrepreneurs who need a loan for reasons relating to the impact of the coronavirus.

increases access to bank credit additional opportunities for startups and innovative businesses we handle the administrative side of the application process for you

Coronavirus borgstellingskrediet (government-guaranteed loan, BMKB-C)

The borgstellingskrediet BMKB-C (government-guaranteed program for loans to small and medium-sized enterprises) is a bridge loan whereby the government guarantees 75% of the funding. This program has been expanded to support entrepreneurs who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Loan based on the eased conditions of the BMKB program Maximum maturity of 4 years No repayment required for the first 12 months


Need extra liquidity in order to continue growing your business? Factoring is a business loan based on the outstanding invoices to your debtors. It gives you extra leeway for investing in your business. This loan is suitable for businesses with revenues of at least €5,000,000 and a financing requirement of at least €1,000,000.

quickly have an extra loan at your disposal You decide how much loan to use Usually a higher loan compared with other financial products

Invoice Loans

As an entrepreneur, you know that it can take a long time for your invoices to be paid. Sometimes, however, you need the money quickly in order to carry out your daily business operations. This is where Invoice Loans can come in handy. An Invoice Loan is a short-term loan based on an outstanding invoice to another company. You can easily apply for an it online through our Fundr platform.

for invoices totaling between € 1,000 and € 100,000 we advance 100% of the invoice amount fast clarity on the status of your application

Rabo Foundation

The Rabo Foundation is an independent foundation that finances organizations working toward economic, social and ecological progress. To them, success does not just mean achieving financial results – it’s primarily about implementing positive change for people and society.

together build on sustainable positive change we are your financier, advisor, knowledge partner and connector

Rabo Frontier Ventures

Rabo Frontier Ventures (RFV) is Rabobank's €150 M investment fund that invests globally in innovative FinTech and AgTech companies. RFV wants to invest directly in the early growth stage of disruptive companies that impact the current business of the bank and indirectly in leading tech funds.

access to clients worldwide More than 100 years of knowledge and experience in the financial sector

Rabo Impact Loan

Through the Rabo Impact Loan, we offer an interest rate discount to businesses and organizations with a sustainable or socially responsible impact. Especially for sustainable frontrunners and entrepreneurs in the healthcare and education sectors.

Interest rate cut for sustainable frontrunners in health and education For loans up to € 1.000,000

Rabo Investments

Rabo Investments is Rabobank's investment branch. With capital solutions (shares, subordinated debt & scale-up financing) we support our Dutch business relations and worldwide (focus on F&A), with which we give substance to our Banking4NL and Banking4Food goals.

investments in risk capital innovative Seed to Series B companies access to capital, knowledge and an extensive network

Business loan

Invest in property, acquisitions or business assets with a Rabobank business loan. At Rabobank, you will quickly know exactly how much you can borrow and how much you will pay each month. Once you have applied online, we will discuss the loan with you and you can ask any questions you may have.

fast access to information about your interest rate and loan amount personal contact displayed in the Rabo App

Rabo Lease

Rabo Lease allows you to invest in machines, equipment and vehicles: from welding robots to delivery vans and from 3D printers to excavators. Rabo Lease is a financial lease; it’s a way to spread the purchasing costs. This enables you to retain maximum financial scope in order to grow – and the machinery and equipment is yours.

You order a machine or vehicle at your selected dealer New or used: it doesn’t matter You lease up to 100% of the purchase value

Overdraft facility

An overdraft allows you to be overdrawn on your current account within the agreed limit. You can use this extra margin to invest in stocks, inventory or debtors, for example.

extra investment margin personal contact displayed in the Rabo App

Business loan with innovation discount (EIF InnovFin)

As you know, doing business is about innovation. If you are an innovative company or you plan to invest in innovation through your company, you may qualify for a Rabo Loan with EIF InnovFin. A guarantee from the European Investment Fund (EIF) gives you an attractive discount on the interest rate. Discuss your options with one of our advisors.

for innovative companies for fast-growing businesses investments in innovation and digitalization attractive interest rate discount

Money Meets Ideas

Through Money Meets Ideas, we connect informal investors with promising entrepreneurs looking for capital and expertise. It’s a great way to do more with your assets and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas. As an informal investor, you can participate from €1 million in freely available assets.

Meet ambitious entrepreneurs with rapidly growing startups Help entrepreneurs with your assets and experience Exchange ideas and experiences with other investors


With crowdfunding, you call on private investors to fund your business plans – either in full or combined with a bank loan.

Raise money yourself via private investors Increase your visibility and network in the region Combine the benefits of crowdfunding with a Rabobank loan
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