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Open Innovation and collaborating with Rabobank

We believe in the power of innovating together. As a cooperative bank, we are always looking for partners to provide solutions that are good for our clients, the world around us and ourselves. There are multiple ways in which we can collaborate and form these partnerships. Want to know how?

Discover how you can innovate together with Rabobank

Of course we support startups and scale-ups with our financing products. But we offer more. In a rapidly changing and digitizing world, it is important to remain groundbreaking. Also for us. At Rabobank, we strongly believe that we cannot invent everything ourselves. We are always looking for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference with us. By joining forces, we make the most impact.

Rabobank focuses on:

    Digitalization of banking Carbon Bank Food & Agri Living ecosystem Energy transition

Are you working on one of these ambitious themes? Then we would like to discover how we can realize innovations together with you.

Let’s work together

We focus on facilitating the latest emerging technologies and innovative business models. Within the startup and scale-up ecosystem, we give new and fast-growing companies that want to make an impact the space to develop. A partnership with Rabobank can take different forms:

    A partnership pilot
    Working with Rabobank to develop a proof of concept or minimum viable product (MVP)
    We offer your product or service to our clients, for example through the Rabo app, email campaigns or API integrations
    Rabobank as client
    Grow your business with Rabobank as one of your clients
    An investment by Rabo Frontier Ventures
    Rabo Frontier Ventures invests in (software) companies in the early growth stage within fintech and agtech. After a successful pilot in collaboration with the Open Innovation team, we are looking at investment opportunities as well

Why Rabobank? The benefits for your company

What's in it for you? Below you will find the most important benefits of a collaboration with Rabobank for you and your company:

    Access to customers, partners and suppliers Innovation communities and extensive networking opportunities Knowledge and expertise Guidance and support with pilot or collaboration Collaborating with experts and advisors to make your product as successful as possible Option for additional partnerships, with possible funding to help your business move forward Access to the various specialisms within Rabobank.

The most suitable form of financing

We believe that innovation is best done together as a cooperative bank. We are always looking for the most suitable form of financing. We offer numerous options to support our customers. Do you want to know which financial solutions suit your company?

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At Rabobank, we are not afraid of a challenge. In fact, we applaud a trial-and-error approach. We can't wait to work together on innovative solutions in a pilot or other form of collaboration. Can your groundbreaking idea help Rabobank on a larger scale?