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Leticia & Sandra are leaders in inclusive staffing

18 January 2023 11:03

Too many people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing end up sitting at home without work. “That’s ridiculous,” stated social entrepreneur Sandra, because these people actually have extra talent in specific areas. That’s why she founded Ctalents; an agency that arranges placements for talent from this group. Leticia is one of them. Her new job makes her feel part of the working world again.

Ctalents as social enterprise

According to Sandra, these starters, young professionals, and experts with visual or hearing impairments have sensory talent. Because she knows that if one sense doesn’t work or works less well, other senses are better developed, which is why they’re an asset to any team. Sandra uses Ctalents to link such talent to employers, as she did with Leticia and the provincial offices in Utrecht. This is how Sandra works to reduce unemployment among people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing, as well as helping companies ensure that inclusion is sustainable.

Sandra Ballij

“Ensure that disability inclusion works in the long term. That’s what we do”