Foto van een muur met kunst


The Rabobank Art Department is responsible for compiling a collection of modern and contemporary Dutch art with museum allure.

Our tasks and responsibilities

Our tasks are the following:

    Purchasing new artworks; managing and preserving the Rabo Art Collection; opening up the stories in the collection; connecting and collaborating with local Rabobanks and in partnerships with third parties; giving artworks on loan to museums at home and abroad.

In doing so, we are guided by the arts policy, summarized in our vision. We report to the Art Committee*, which is also our touchstone. The Art Department is part of the organization of Communication & Corporate Affairs (CCA).

We communicate about our activities via the website and social media.

* The Art Committee represents the Rabobank Group in the areas of collecting art and art in general. The committee consists of at least five persons: a member of the Managing Board (chairperson), a deputy chairperson (director of Communication & Corporate Affairs), the Head of the Art Department, members from the Rabobank Group, and external advisor(s).


©2023 The artworks on this website are from the Rabobank collection. All rights reserved. The photos on this website may therefore not be used without prior written permission from the Rabobank Art Department.


Rabo Art Lab artists' portraits:
Sanne Donders, Rotterdam
Maaike Engels, Rotterdam

Peter Cox, Eindhoven

Visual materials for some artworks were requested from the artists and affiliated galleries.