Growing a better world together

We are involved in what is going on in society. We contribute to strengthening our shared living environment and making it future-proof – so that people can make the choices that matter most to them, both now and in the future. That is what our mission, “Growing a better world together,” represents: making the way in which we live and work more sustainable. To do that, we focus on three major global transitions: the food transition, the climate and energy transition and the transition to a more inclusive society.

Samen buurten beter maken

Our cooperative mission

Each generation faces its own unique challenges – big and small. And in every era, people have joined forces in search of solutions to these diverse issues. Rabobank has been doing this for almost 125 years. It started with inventive farmers: what they could not do on their own, they were able to achieve together. This farmers’ cooperative turned into a bank, which today is embedded in society thanks to its members.

Our cooperative mentality is at the core of everything we do. We work together on solutions that are good for you and good for the world around us. We learn from each other, support each other. We make sure that we stay financially healthy and that our towns and villages continue to be attractive and dynamic. In so doing, we keep our planet livable for both current and future generations.


Our focus

Rabobank is more than just a bank. First of all, we are a cooperative – that is what sets us apart from other banks. Our cooperative banking allows us to exert a more positive influence on people and society. This comes in useful, as major challenges such as climate change and growing financial and other inequalities shape the world in which we live.


The future is cooperative

We are still working in the same way as when we started: together, as a cooperative. We will continue working like this, because the future, too, is cooperative. Currently, we are helping to strengthen communities and make the local living environment across the Netherlands greener.


You contribute to this

As a member of Rababank you automatically contribute to sustaining a better environment. And by joining us you become a deciding factor in societal initiatives we support. Want to join?