The story

Three storylines predominate in the collection: man, society, and 'the idea'.


Condition Humaine

Artworks that have man, or rather the condition of humanity, as their theme. About the representation of our everyday toil, our search for identity, our quest for love, and how we prove to be vulnerable and mortal.

© Koos Breukel - 't Rommegat Carnival Association, Bergeijk - 12-11-2004


Society and the times we live in

Artists are often forerunners. They are the visionaries of our society. This is why they do not only make art that pleases or embellishes, but also art that asks sharp questions, disrupts, or fuels a discussion about the society we live in.

© Fernando Sánchez Castillo - Tankman (Made in China) - 2016 - photography Peter Cox


The idea

Art that puts the idea or concept at its heart lacks judgment. It is all about the idea. An observation or a surprise, which makes you – for a moment or maybe for years – give some thoughts to life and how you relate to it.

© Guido van der Werve - Number thirteen, Effugio c, you're always only half a day away - 2011