Rabo Art Lab

In addition to the Rabo Art Collection, the bank has developed the Rabo Art Lab: a proverbial workshop in which artists, employees, clients and members meet and reflect on the major challenges of our time. That is why we also invite artists to work as artists-in-residence at the bank for either an extended or shorter period of time. As an organization, we explore what we as can learn from art and artists, and vice versa. We see art as a source of knowledge.

Wandering through the Rabo Art Collection

Artists make visible the things that were previously invisible. They create stories about life and how we relate to it. But a story only really comes to life when it is told, which is why we want to share the Rabo Art Collection. We do this by lending artworks to museums and by opening up the collection online. You can wander through the collection online, find information, put together your own collection and share your favorites.

Discover the Rabo Art Collection