The circular economy

Het business model van de toekomst

Circular business

The circular economy is growing rapidly. More and more companies are paying attention to the recovery and efficient use of raw materials and other materials when designing their products and in their business operations.

Get inspired by circular business

Rabobank sees circular business as one of the pillars of the Dutch economy. It provides prosperity, well-being and a resilient and competitive economy in the long term. In short, circular enterprise ensures a future-proof economic system, with businesses that have healthy earnings models – both individually and as a chain – and are therefore easy to finance.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the top 10 circular opportunities per sector, do the Circular Region Scan to find out more about circular business in your region, or view more than 100 videos with inspiring customer stories.

Rabo Circulair Ondernemen Desk v2

Rabo Circular Business Desk

The transition to a circular economy is a major transformation from a linear to a circular business model. As an entrepreneur, how do you get started with circularity?

To help entrepreneurs with this transition, we’ve established a Circular Business Desk. The desk consists of a team of specialists who help with strategic issues entailed in circular business models. They provide input on the financing and establish links with relevant partners. In this way, we help clients to find existing and/or new solutions.

Wondering what we can do for your circular ambitions? Please contact your account manager or send an email to the Circular Business Desk.

Sustainable investment with interest rate discount

If your company is a sustainable business leader, we’d like to offer you something in return: the Rabo Impact Loan. This enables you to take out a loan with an interest rate discount. Through the Rabo Impact Loan, we offer an interest rate discount to companies and organizations whose business has a sustainable or social impact. We’ve developed it specially for sustainable leaders and enterprises in the healthcare and education sector.

growing better world molen

Sustainable innovation

The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award is a Rabobank initiative that supports existing and starting enterprises in making a success of their innovation. We offer access to important networks, you receive publicity, and the prize increases the visibility and name recognition of your company. You can use the prize money to further develop your innovation.