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Together, we work on sustainable solutions to society’s challenges – big and small. Without innovation, there is no progress because our services require constant improvement. But what does innovation mean exactly?


Innovation in a nutshell

Innovation is a broad term. Of course, we are constantly working to improve our services, including the app and the website. However, we also work with clients, members, employees, and partners on sustainable solutions for society’s diverse challenges. In doing so, we look to the future: what is our future role as a bank? How can we continue to add value five years from now?

We always ensure that our innovations align with the bank’s strategic priorities. This involves investing in innovations that promote financially healthy living, the energy transition, sustainable living, sustainable entrepreneurship and the food transition.

Nieuwe technologieën

New technologies

Just like the cell phone, the internet and social media have radically changed our society. New technologies are constantly having a major impact on our daily lives. These include blockchain technology and innovations that improve our privacy. These technologies can help make our daily lives and working lives better, easier and more fun. Rabobank’s Tech Lab keeps track of these emerging technologies and researches the latest developments. We also invest broadly in new technologies. One example is Komgo, an international trade platform based on blockchain technology.

Innovating together

We believe in the power of collaboration, and we are always looking for partners to work on solutions that are good for our clients and the world around us. We do this in various ways: