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How will my donation be spent?

The donations are allocated to value-based organizations who create opportunities for people to increase their economic independence, including agricultural cooperatives in which smallholder farmers unite to strengthen their position and bargain for fairer prices. We also support social enterprises committed to finding employment for motivated but disadvantaged job seekers. An average of 90% of all financial contributions received annually by Rabo Foundation are transferred to our project partners. Read about the impact of your donation.

How can I change the amount of my periodic donation or cancel the donation?

If you would like to increase or reduce the amount of your periodic donation or cancel the donation altogether, please contact us and we will handle the rest.

How much money does Rabo Foundation invest annually, and how do you allocate the funds?

In 2019, we invested a total of €40.3 million in 390 organizations, ranging from producers’ cooperatives in Africa to social enterprises in the Netherlands. Our Annual Report 2019 details how these funds and the various projects are spread around the world.

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