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Financial reliance

Debt and financial worries - they are a growing social problem. And they lead to very serious consequences for many families. We are therefore joining forces with organizations that are tackling the debt problem in the Netherlands.

What's going on?

Nearly one in four households in the Netherlands is in debt. Among them, there is also a growing group of working people who cannot make ends meet. All of them experience the disastrous consequences of financial distress. You can no longer buy the necessary things for yourself and your family. And you are constantly worried about money and bills. This stress takes its toll on your health, your work, your relationships and your children. The impact of debt is enormous if it is not intervened in time. Unfortunately, people often wait too long to seek help. Especially because they are unfamiliar with debt relief. But also because there is still a taboo to talk about debt.

What is the solution?

Fortunately, there are parties who set up initiatives to help people with (expected) debts. These are civil society organizations and social fintechs - companies that offer financial services with innovative technology. These organizations make people aware of their impending problems. And help them to regain an overview and grip on their financial affairs. This prevents serious problems and ensures less stress and a happier life.

How does Rabo Foundation contribute to this?

Getting a fair chance at economic independence - that is the core of our mission. Together with civil society organizations, we break the taboo on money worries, so that people can take action sooner and dare to ask for help. In this way, everyone can take steps towards a financially healthy life.