Smallholder pineapple farmer in Vietnam

The Rabo Foundation story

Some people aren’t given the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and to achieve growth. That’s why Rabo Foundation is active worldwide in helping disadvantaged people who are working hard towards a better future. As a provider of impact funding, we use money, but also our knowledge and extensive network, in these efforts. Our goal is to create a fair and sustainable society.

A fair chance

Rabo Foundation was established in 1974 as Rabobank’s social fund. Since then we have grown to become an international provider of impact funding. Our mission is to offer disadvantaged people the opportunity to grow, thrive and stand on their own two feet. From the start, we targeted the millions of smallholder farmers in developing countries. But we’ve also targeted people in the Netherlands who are marginalized, despite having so much to offer. All of these people deserve a fair chance.

More than money

Rabo Foundation strengthens organizations that truly help disadvantaged people to make progress. Such as farmers’ cooperatives and social enterprises. They need money to grow, but for ordinary banks they pose too much risk. By providing loans, we offer these organizations the opportunity to grow while also encouraging personal responsibility. In addition, we offer advice and training to help them succeed in business and innovate.

Close by, worldwide

All over the world we have local teams or advisers – people who share the same language and culture as the cooperatives themselves and who know exactly what is needed. They use their own local network to create smart connections that will strengthen the organizations. For examples, connections with NGOs and supply chain partners.

Sustainable impact

Financially resilient and future-proof. Filled with pride and self-confidence. In harmony with the environment and climate. These are the impacts we aim for with our project partners. In other words: economic, social and ecological progress. These three dimensions need to come together and reinforce one another within a project or business. Only then will change be truly sustainable.

Millions of people

Worldwide we are making more than 370 organizations stronger, with annual investments of more than 35 million euros. The results are impressive: through these businesses we are achieving positive change for millions of people. Do we leave anything to chance? Not at all. By formulating clear goals, making considered choices and carrying out regular impact measurements, we get the most out of every euro we spend. That’s exactly what you would expect from a modern provider of impact funding.

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