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Invest for impact

We invest in the growth of agricultural enterprises that work with smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Enterprises whose credit needs are to big for microfinance and too small or risky for commercial banks. By offering access to finance the Rabo Rural Fund enables agricultural businesses to finance the purchase, processing and sale of their products.

Types of investment

We support agribusiness with the following instruments and typically provide loans ranging from about $200,000 to $3 million.

Trade finance

Trade financing gives producers organizations and SMEs access to affordable financing. This allows the organizations to better finance the purchase and processing of their products, which enables them to sell at better prices and under better conditions.

Sharing of knowledge and networks

In addition, the Rabo Rural Fund shares relevant market information and networks, enabling the organizations and farmers to learn how to work more sustainably and efficiently.


A guarantee enables an organization to obtain a loan elsewhere, often with commercial banks. The Rural Fund shares the credit risk with a local bank, by granting a part of the loan itself or by (partially) acting as a guarantor for the loan of the bank.

Generate positive impact

We aim to contribute to sustainable economic development, a better income for smallholder farmers, creating jobs in viable rural communities and food security. By lending to agricultural SMEs and producer organizations, who, in turn, serve thousands of smallholder farmers.

Our impact goals

Increase income smallholder farmers
By providing access to finance we contribute to building vital agricultural business so they can provide higher, more stable incomes and expand opportunities.

Environmental sustainable business
We support smallholder farmers to create enviromentally sustainable businesses, which also results in impact on their income and the long term viability of their businesses.

Improve inclusiveness

Through strengthening agricultural enterprises we contribute to viable and sustainable communities

How we make a difference

We are active in 15 developing countries and emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With our investments we unlock opportunities for agricultural business and smallholder farmers. These examples highlight the impact of our work.