Ondernemer en intermediair praten over zakelijke financiering


Rabobank uses the system PRISMA to work together with suppliers. PRISMA is our Partner Risk and Management Application that ensures a high quality standard for our Supplier and Source-to-Contract management processes. PRISMA enables us to work together with our suppliers in a transparent, quick and efficient way.

Benefits of working in PRISMA

Working in PRISMA has the following benefits for you as a supplier:

    PRISMA introduces a centralized portal that streamlines the communication and engagement between you and Rabobank. PRISMA allows you to get information quicker and simplifies the process of making changes and submissions.

Registering in PRISMA

Will you be working with us? Then you will automatically receive an e-mail with an invitation to register yourself as a Rabobank supplier in PRISMA.

How to register, depends on whether your organization already has an account on the supplier portal or not.

    Does your organization not have an account? Start at step 1. Does your organization already have an account? Start at step 3.

Supplier registration process PRISMA.