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Financial solutions for startups and scale-ups

Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative idea? Rabobank has financial solutions at each development stage.

The S-curve: the ideal growth track for any startup

Just 2% of startups reach the scale-up phase. It is our mission to increase this percentage by providing the correct support in terms of financing, network and expertise. Startups that don’t make it are often inconsistent in their behavior.

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More than finance

Rabobank is not just there to provide financial solutions. We also help startups and scale-ups with insurance and pension plans.

A suitable financing solution for every development stage

Product development and (international) growth often involve investments. Rabobank offers numerous financing options to help you with this. Even if you do not yet have proven results, cash flow or paying customers. Want to know more about our financing products and innovation funds?

How do I apply for funding as a startup or scale-up?

If you qualify after your application for a meeting with our Startup and Scale-up Team, together we will identify your funding needs. What is the purpose of the funding? What is the ownership and control structure like? How will your company potentially develop?

Based on this inventory, we make an estimate of the financing possibilities. Among other things, we take into account previous financial results, your business plan and your expectations regarding costs, turnover and profit.

Eager to go on? Then we'll work out the funding application together. We aim to contact you within three working days.

Frequently asked questions by startups and scale-ups about applying for funding

Do you have a question regarding applying for funding as a startup or scale-up? Of course we're happy to help. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions.