Vlag van Oekraïne

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Were you forced to flee Ukraine and do you need a checking account in the Netherlands? As a cooperative bank, we want to contribute to a livable society for all. That includes being close to you. You can easily open a checking account to make payments swiftly and securely. Below we will tell you what you need for this and how it works.

What do I need to open the checking account?

You can open a Rabo DirectPakket with us. To do so, you must enter your personal details, answer a few questions and identify yourself. Keep the following details at hand while opening the account:

    Your residential address in the Netherlands. The registration form ‘Basis Registratie Personen (BRP)’ provided by the municipality where you reside. Your citizen service number (Dutch BSN), which you also received from the municipality where you reside.

You also need one of these IDs:

    A valid international Ukrainian passport with or without biometric information. A valid Ukrainian domestic passport in form of ID card.

Do you have one of the identity documents below? Then you can only open an account at one of our offices at the locations and times stated in the list below.

    A permanent Ukrainian residence permit valid on February 24, 2022. A foreign national identity card, W or O document. An expired Ukrainian passport. A Cyrillic passport together with a Certificate of Identity Determination.

If you have a valid or expired passport from another country and have a Ukrainian residence permit that was valid on February 24, 2022, you can also open an account. This can only be done at one of our offices. There, we can best help you on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in terms of support.

If you are younger than 18, you can open a Rabo Youth Account with us. The same conditions apply as for opening a Rabo Direct Package, and your parent(s) also need to have a Rabobank account. You can only apply for a Rabo Youth Account at one of our branches.

Check the list below to see which Rabobank office you can easily reach.

Download the Rabo App

Download the Rabo App from the app stores.

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How do I open the checking account?

Download the Rabo App via the download buttons above
Open the app and click ‘Betaalrekening aanvragen’ (‘I want to open an account’) and then ‘Als vluchteling uit Oekraïne’ (‘As a refugee from Ukraine’)
Follow the steps
After your application has been approved, you will receive the debit card, pin and Rabo Scanner within 3 working days at the address you provided in the application
Activate your debit card. Now you can start using your checking account and debit card

Checking account terms and conditions

For a checking account and providing a debit card (RaboDirectPakket) you pay € 2.95 per month. The Rabo Jongerenrekening is free of charge, because we believe it is important that children learn how to handle money at an early age. Do you have a Rabo Jongerenrekening and are you turning 18? Then the Rabo Jongerenrekening is automatically converted to a Rabo StudentenPakket. The Rabo StudentenPakket is also free of charge, because studying is already expensive enough. However, there are costs for payment services such as making a world payment. You can read about these costs in the overview Tarieven en limieten.

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