Energy transition

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet and the way we live. To tackle this shared challenge we need to change how we produce and consume energy. Key challenges include the transition to energy-efficient homes and businesses and increasing the sustainability of built-up areas. Together with its clients, members and partners, the cooperative Rabobank is speeding up this necessary transition: from investing in clean energy projects to helping companies switch to renewable energy sources; from stimulating circular entrepreneurship to advising customers on energy reduction in their homes and businesses. With our industry knowledge and financial tools, we support cooperative climate and energy solutions that are good for people, businesses and the planet. Our ambition is to realize 55% of the financing requirements for the energy transition by 2025.

Curious about the business opportunities to make your building or means of transport more sustainable?

Then take a look at our complete offer of solar panels for businesses. Do the online energy scan for Sustainable Real Estate, and get direct insight into the best energy-saving measures for your building. Or discover the possibilities of electric driving with Rabo Electric.

Would you like to know more about attractive financing options for sustainable businesses?

For sustainable projects and sustainable clients, Rabobank offers attractive loans with an interest discount rate. If you are a sustainable leader in your industry, and you have a sustainable quality label, then the impact loan may apply to you. If you are going to invest in renewable energy: wind, solar, biogas, etc, take a look at the possibilities of Project Finance. Or if you are working on a circular business model and you are interested in financing possibilities, check out our options of doing Circular Business.