Climate change as a result of global warming creates major risks. In order to achieve the Paris climate goals, seven million homes in the Netherlands must be fitted with an energy supply from sustainable sources. As the biggest mortgage lender in the Netherlands and a housing developer, we support the shift towards more sustainable homes and access to the housing market for house hunters. As a cooperative bank, we believe that ecological, economic and social interests should go hand in hand in this effort to increase sustainability. We use our expertise, networks and financial products and services to provide solutions for members and clients who want to contribute to this process. Our ambition is to have a mortgage portfolio with the average energy label A by 2030, by providing our clients with maximum support in making their homes more sustainable. We do this through financial and non-financial solutions, including sustainable construction with BPD. We also want to address the increasing scarcity and decreasing affordability of the Dutch rental and owner-occupier market. With our integrated offering, we help clients access and climb the property ladder.

Een groener huis

A sustainable home

Good for the world and your wallet. We are happy to help you on your way to a sustainable home