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Our financial results in 2020

We began the year 2020 with the ambition to increase our impact, in response to major global challenges. By providing more impact financing to help more organizations move forward that offer people in a vulnerable position a better future. The corona crisis forced us to change course. Our focus in 2020 was on the major consequences of this crisis for society, our project partners and our work. Covid-19 also had consequences for our efforts. We have been able to commit less financially to our programs. On the other hand, we have put extra effort into, for example, emergency aid through our Covid-19 relief fund.

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Contributions received

In order to make Rabo Foundation's projects possible and thus achieve maximum impact, we depend on financial contributions. Every year we can count on the support of Rabobank, Rabo employees, individuals and businesses. In 2020, we received EUR 15.7 million (2019: EUR 16 million):

    11.3 million euros was contributed by Rabobank. Annually, we receive 0.5% of net profit. 4.2 million euros we received from individuals and businesses. They support the work of Rabo Foundation with a donation. 0.2 million received from Rabo employees and retirees. Over 4,200 employees donated EUR 4 or more of their salary every month.
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In 2020, Rabo Foundation allocated 36.2 million euros to 401 organizations. This is 4.1 million euros less than in 2019, mainly due to the corona crisis. Travel restrictions prevented us from meeting new partners and conducting the required Know Your Customer (KYC) activities.

    85% of the allocations went to producer organizations and savings and credit cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In total, this involved a financial contribution of €30.6 million (2019: €34.7 million). 15% of our awards went to social enterprises and civil society organizations in the Netherlands. A total amount of €5.6m (2019: €5.6m). A portion of our total allocations went to Covid-19 emergency aid. We awarded a total of €711,250 to 70 projects. In addition, we decided to grant 50 social enterprises deferred interest and repayments.

Rabo Foundation is a revolving fund that primarily grants loans. The loan repayments enable us to replenish our fund each year and thus fund more organizations.


of the financings are loans, trade finance or guarantees


of the financings is greater than € 50,000


of the financings went to international projects

Financial Instruments

At Rabo Foundation we work with different forms of financing. The most important is a loan. This is a deliberate choice, because it helps organizations to become economically independent more quickly. A loan encourages personal responsibility. The repayment and interest received are reused for other applications - this way we can finance more and more organizations. We also offer help in the form of donations, technical assistance, guarantees (especially in India) and trade finance.


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