Strength in the crisis

Annual Impact Report 2020

As an impact lender, we think in terms of opportunities. We create space to grow, and we reinforce the resilience of people and organizations. That didn’t change in 2020. So we look back on a year where we saw plenty of opportunities in spite of the limitations. In the stories on this site, you can read how those opportunities were seized – by our partners, our target groups, and by us.

How we made a difference

Learn more about our approach and our results, in the Netherlands and around the world.

Rabo Foundation in 2020

€ 15.7 million

received in contributions

€ 36.2 million

provided in impact financing

401 organizations

supported in 23 countries

Field in Indonesia

Impact through and through

Around the world, we worked to bring about positive change for the most vulnerable people in society. We want to make a real difference for them, so we constantly monitor our impact and refine our approach as needed.

5 x positive changes

Code Gorilla helps people on the sidelines to find a new future as an IT worker. With the assistance of EA Fruits, farmers in Tanzania can limit crop losses and increase their incomes. Find out how we and our partners made a difference in 2020.