Rabo Rural Fund's impact in 2020

The Rabo Rural Fund invests in the self-reliance of organisations in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. By giving these organisations and farmers access to financing, networks, and knowledge, the Rural Fund contributes to their sustainable economic development and food security.

RRF active countries 2020

Active in 15 countries

Rabo Rural Fund is active in the in the most economically, socially and environmentally vulnerable communities. Places in the world where a lot off people live in poverty in rural communities and live off the land. In 2020 we disbursed a total of $ 51.4 million.

RRF Organization type

The organizations we supported

Rabo Rural Fund finances organisations that want to grow, but which are not eligible for commercial financing from banks. The focus of the Rural Fund is on providing financing for producer cooperatives, but the share of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and MFIs in the portfolio is growing.

RRF crops

Producer organizations and SMEs

By 2020, 89% of the companies we funded were producer organizations or SMEs. Together, these organizations brought 12 agricultural products to the international market such as cocoa, coffee, nuts and spices. Coffee and cocoa are still the most important crops, and make up 72% of the portfolio: the so-called cash crops. Over the past few years, the percentage of food crops has increased dramatically by 28%, mainly among nuts and spices.


Producer Organizations and SME received impact lending in 2020


smallholders farmers reached the organizations together


of the farmers is a female

Micro Financial Institutions

Rabo Rural Fund finances financial institutions in emerging countries that have a specific focus on reaching smallholder farmers that are often underserved by mainstream financial institutions.


Micro Financial Institutions received impact lending in 2020


people reached by the MFIs


are female

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