Our financial figures in 2021

We strive to add economic and social value in everything we do. Our financial figures show the difference Rabo Foundation made in 2021.

More money for more impact

Together with our project partners, we work to bring about long-term positive change. We can do that thanks to the annual financial contributions provided by Rabobank, Rabo employees, private individuals and businesses. Their support ensures that we can continue to make as much of an impact as possible. In 2021, we received 18.6 million euros in contributions (2020: 15.7 million euros):

    Rabobank contributed 9.9 million euros. Each year, we receive 0.5% of the bank’s net profits. We received 8.5 million euros in donations from businesses and private individuals. Rabo employees and retirees contributed another 0.2 million euros. More than 4,000 employees donated at least 4 euros per month from their monthly salaries.

Record number of allocations

Rabo Foundation invested 40.7 million euros to build a more inclusive and sustainable society. That is 4.5 million euros more than in 2020. We provided this amount in the form of loans, donations and guarantees for 410 organizations in 23 countries.

    88% of the funds went to producer organizations and savings and loan cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These contributions amounted to a total of 36 million euros in 2021 (2020: 30.6 million euros). 12% of our funding went to social enterprises in the Netherlands, for a total amount of 4.7 million euros (2020: 5.6 million euros).

Rabo Foundation is a revolving fund that mainly issues loans to our partner organizations. As the loans are repaid, we use the money to supplement our fund, refill our coffers and finance even more organizations.


of the impact funding in the form of loans, trade financing and guarantees


of the impact funding is for amounts larger than 50,000 euros

4.5 years

is the average term within which a loan is repaid

Custom-tailored financing

At Rabo Foundation, we use several different forms of financing to ensure that organizations get exactly what they need to grow and thrive.

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