Our impact in 2021

The world around us is changing rapidly. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted inequality around the world, while exacerbating the problem. We also no longer have the luxury of ignoring the consequences of climate change. Challenges like these affect all of us, and they make millions of people even more vulnerable – from smallholder farmers in developing countries to people who have trouble finding paid employment in the Netherlands. So over the past year, we once again joined forces with partners to meet these challenges.

€ 40.7 million

invested in a more sustainable and inclusive society


organizations created impact in 23 countries with our support

4 million

people were able to take a step towards a better future

This is how we work towards positive change

We support organizations that offer real solutions all over the world: from farmer’s cooperatives in Peru to social enterprises in the Netherlands. We do that with a clear social mission in mind: to offer people in a vulnerable position a chance at a better future. By seizing opportunities where others only see risks. And in the process, we gave more then 400 organizations room to grow in 2021. In accordance with our theory of change, we offer them access to financial solutions, join forces with other partners, utilize our network, and investigate and share interventions that have a real impact.

With this, we made an impact

A team working from 4 continents

and 15 nationalities are represented in our team of 55 employees, 65% of whom are women. These professionals put our mission into practice every day.

4,000+ people and organizations

supported our mission with financial contributions. In 2021, we received 18.6 million euros to address societal challenges.


Partnerships with organizations to offer project partners access to knowledge and network. From Ikea Foundation to Progreso.

Where we make impact

Together with our colleagues, project partners and an expansive network, we once again worked to build a more sustainable and inclusive society in 2021. A society where everyone with the will to grow and build a better future has the room to do so. Discover the impact we’ve made.

This is how we gain insight into our impact

Around the world, we worked to bring about positive change for the most vulnerable people in society. We want to make a real difference for them, so we constantly monitor our impact and refine our approach as needed.

Our lessons learned in 2021, and insights for the future

A rapidly changing world demands adaptability. That’s why we constantly monitor our impact, reflect on our work methods and make adjustments as needed. In 2021, we arrived at the following insights. More insights? Take a look at our lessons learned about our work in the Netherlands and international.