Working towards a more sustainable and inclusive society

There are still far too many people sitting on the sidelines of society in the Netherlands. People who want to work, but have trouble finding jobs. Or people with looming or problematic debts. They lack the opportunities to truly participate in society. We believe that these problems can’t be solved by continuing to do what we’ve been doing, with an economy that only focuses on economic profits. Societal gains are at least as important.

€ 4.7 million

provided in impact loans for a more sustainable and inclusive society in the Netherlands.


organizations provide impact in the Netherlands and make a difference for thousands of people .

These are the challenges we address

In the Netherlands, not everyone has the same opportunities. The coronavirus pandemic only widened the inequality gap, and made it more visible. Despite a growing demand for personnel, almost a million people cannot find suitable employment. They want to work, but they don’t have the ‘right’ education, qualifications or contacts. Or they face obstacles because of a mental or physical disability. Around 20% of the people in the Netherlands have money problems. For example, due to unemployment, the loss of a partner or a lack of financial knowledge. Many of them don’t know where to turn for help. And they are often ashamed of the problem, which makes them wait too long to solve their money issues. For them it is difficult to participate in society.

How we contributed to positive change

It should be possible for everyone to participate in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there are more and more innovative, entrepreneurial pioneers who are committed to this. Think of social entrepreneurs who help people participate in society through (paid) employment, and social fintechs that build solutions to prevent accumulating debts. We support these entrepreneurs in an early phase. We offer them financial support, bring them into contact with each other and others, and give them access to knowledge. That allows the organizations to grow and give even more people a place in society.

With this, we made an impact

45 organizations

we provided financing for the first time. This brings the total to 170.

4 study programs

we have specifically provided for additional knowledge and to empower entrepreneurs.

25+ partnerships

provided more connection between innovative entrepreneurs, other funders and experts.

For these people, we made a difference

170 entrepreneurs

saw their organization grow, providing more opportunities for people in the Netherlands.

5,000+ people

found, for example, an apprenticeship or paid job at a social enterprise supported by Rabo Foundation.

450,000+ people

were able to take a step toward greater financial empowerment through the solution of one of our partners and through collaboration with the Nederlandse Schuldhulproute.

This is how we work together to create an inclusive society

Together, the entrepreneurs provided more jobs and more opportunities for financial empowerment. This gave thousands of people in the Netherlands opportunities to participate in society and made the Netherlands a lot more inclusive in 2021.

The highlights of 2021

Our lessons learned in 2021, and insights for the future

We aim to increase our impact by learning from our results. These were the important lessons learned in 2021, and how they will determine our strategy in the future.