Sustainable growth for smallholder farmers

In Africa, Asia and Latin America, millions of smallholder farmers play a key role in feeding the world but disproportionately live in poverty. These farmers face major challenges every day, such as the consequences of climate change and unfavorable or limited access to markets and financial services. That makes it hard to grow their farms and work towards a better future for themselves, and the people around them. Together with our partner organizations, we help them invest and grow sustainably.

€ 36 million

invested to help smallholder farmers grow sustainably


organizations became stronger with our help

3.5 million

farmers gained opportunities to work towards a better future

Opportunities for change

Many smallholder farmers do not have access to funding, fair markets or the latest knowledge about agricultural techniques. And their crops are failing more often due to climate change. But targeted investments and technical support can give them an opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to a more productive, resilient and inclusive food and agriculture system.

Focus on three impact goals

Promote climate-smart agriculture

To make farmers more resilient in the face of a changing climate. We offer access to the knowledge and resources that make it possible.

Reduce post-harvest losses

To ensure more crops reach the market. We provide access to facilities and knowledge that help reduce losses.

Reinforce the value chain

To give farmers better access to knowledge, networks and higher, fair prices on the (global) market.

Supporting organizations to make a maximum difference

Smallholder farmers are uniting to effectively address their challenges. They are joining cooperatives or selling their crops to an organization that offers opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable. These companies work to bring about positive change, but their initiative is often too small or too risky for standard bank financing. Rabo Foundation was created specifically to fund these parties, and to make a difference for them.

With this, we made an impact

260 organizations

gained access to finance. That accelerated the farmers’ organizations’ growth, because they could start up or scale up. The result: better services, higher incomes and more support for smallholder farmers.

93 organizations

gained new insights through our experts’ technical assistance. The targeted training for strong management and better agricultural practices made them stronger organizations.

94 organizations

gained access to our network, to make them stronger. We connected them to other financiers, sales markets and technical experts.

For these farmers, we made a difference

3.5 million smallholder farmers

were given more opportunities to grow their farm sustainably and a work towards a better future thanks to the 260 organizations.

1.2 million farmers

were able to access financing through one of the microfinance institutions and savings and credit cooperatives we supported.

250,000 farmers

gained access to climate-smart agricultural practices through the organizations that are actively working on this. This will make them more resilient to the changing climate.

A better life for 3.5 million farmers

Cooperatives and farmers’ organizations that find good solutions to their challenges can continue working to improve the living conditions for their member farmers and for their surroundings. They earn better incomes and build a stronger position in the chain. They also have an easier time obtaining financing in the future, due to their attractive financial profile. And they are more resilient against the effects of climate change. Through our support to cooperatives and organizations, 3.5 million smallholder farmers had opportunities that would not have been attainable otherwise in 2022. Let us introduce three of them:

Our lessons learned in 2021, and insights for the future

We aim to increase our impact by learning from our results. The important lessons learned in 2021, and how they will determine our course in the future.

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