Smallholder coffee farmers in the forest in Peru

Latin America in 2020: Stronger, more sustainable farmers

Drought, heavy rainfall, disappointing harvests, and of course the coronavirus pandemic: smallholder farmers in Latin America faced more than their share of challenges in 2020. Rabo Foundation gave them a hand to help them get through it. The result? Almost all of our partner cooperatives ended the year in the black!

How we work in Latin America

We use a variety of methods to help farmers’ cooperatives in Latin America grow sustainably. Our mission is to help our partner organizations to become self-sufficient and to improve the lives of our partner smallholder farmers economically, socially and ecologically. We achieve the latter by helping them to become more resilient to climate change.

illustration Latin America

Results Latin America

illustration Latin America

7 countries

we are active in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.


€ 12.0 million

we provided in the form of loans, trade finance, technical assistance and grants.

Illustration support growth


producer cooperatives, savings and credit cooperatives, and SMEs in Food & Agri were thus given the opportunity to start or scale up their operations. And, by doing so, strengthen the position of smallholder farmers.

Mouth mask

€ 128,908

we provided to 28 organizations we supported from our Covid-19 emergency fund.

Illustration training


of our organizations received technical assistance, such as education and training in agricultural techniques and crop diversification.

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