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Social Entrepreneurship in 2020: Crisismanagement & creative solutions

The gap between people who participate successfully in society and vulnerable individuals watching from the sidelines is widening in the Netherlands. Social enterprises give the people on the sidelines a chance at a job – and with it a chance at a better life. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, these enterprises became vulnerable themselves. So we’ve been supporting them through these tough times, in collaboration with other funds.

How we work in the Netherlands

Our mission is to help create more jobs for people who have trouble finding paid employment. And this is how we do it:

Supporting social enterprises and helping them get ahead

With their focus on impact instead of profit, social enterprises have a harder time obtaining loans from banks. So we offer promising companies financial support via loans and subsidies. That gives them the chance to get off to a good start or to keep growing.

A more sociable society

We believe social entrepreneurship is the new norm, and should serve as an inspiration for every business. So we share inspiring examples and we work to eliminate barriers to social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. That way, people who are now watching from the sidelines can find jobs and become economically self-reliant.

Want to know more about our approach? You can read it in our theory of change

Results Social Entrepreneurship

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€ 4.1 million

in impact financing we provided in the form of loans and grants.

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112 social enterprises

were given access to funding to start and/or scale up their business to increase the employment rate of vulnerable people.

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More opportunities

offered by these social enterprises to people with a distance to the labor market. Thanks to access to work and guidance, they have more opportunities to participate in society.

Our impact stories

Great examples of what we and our partners have achieved in 2020.

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