Innovate and reassess business models


The real estate sector is being challenged by other sectors that open up the traditional rigidity of real estate to discussion. An example is the self-driving car as the office of tomorrow. Or the self-driving office as the car of the future. Real estate users are demanding accommodation concepts that are more flexible. The condition is, however, that the building's performance and the users' behaviour are measurable. Innovations such as big data and sensoring provide insight into costs of use per time unit, which marks a first step towards Pay-per-Use. It will not be possible to realise these technological innovations without adjustments to contract forms being made. And not without new business models, whereby cooperation with other industries and startups will likely be the rule rather than the exception.

Bricks and bytes blend

Rabobank and innovation

We support clients with knowledge, networks and financing solutions. And provide them with assistance in the field of business model innovation. We challenge clients to increase their distinctiveness via, for example, the Rabo Real Estate Award, the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award and our participation in regional innovation clusters. Rabobank supports innovativeness with a wide range of financing instruments for growth and/or innovation.