Rabo Internet Banking Professional

Arrange your business payments online with Rabo Internet Banking. Where and when you want to. Rabo Internet Banking provides all basic internet banking functions.

If you prefer more functionality, choose Rabo Internet Banking Professional:

  • Suitable for several users
  • Extensive options for setting authorisations and limits per account per user
  • Setting up Account groups
  • Link to accounting package
  • Importing and submitting batch files
  • Using Rabo Network Banking accounts and Multi Bank accounts

You can use Rabo Internet Banking Professional if you have a business current account and an access card (Rabo WereldPas debit card or Rabo OnlineKey) at Rabobank. 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to apply for Rabo Internet Banking Professional.

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What does Rabo Internet Banking Professional have to offer

  • assign different authorisations per account per user
  • set limits per account per user
  • place a second signature
  • transferable amount per session can be set up to € 500,000 by the owner (contact your Rabobank to set a limit above € 500,000)
  • set up Account groups
  • link accounting packages
  • manually create direct debit orders from within an address book
  • download files in various formats
  • compile digital account statements
  • import payment files and direct debit files
  • a single address book for domestic and foreign addresses
  • debet and credit of transactions are available up to 8 years in the past
  • using Rabo Network Banking accounts and Multi Bank accounts

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Applying for Rabo Internet Banking Professional

Are you already using Rabo Internet Banking? If so, you can easily switch to Rabo Internet Banking Professional. Make an appointment in order to apply. Naturally, your data will be preserved.

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Set segregation of duties via Authorisations

With the ‘Authorisations’ feature in Rabo Internet Banking Professional, you are in charge of the possibilities for segregation of duties, setting up authorisations and setting options. This enables you to handle your banking matters efficiently. You can determine which functionalities, accounts, limits and access tools each user can use.

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Keep your users up to date

Make sure you keep your users, their access means and devices up to date. This minimizes unauthorized use of the functions of Rabo Internet Banking Professional within your company. When using Rabo Internet Banking Professional, the number of users are rated. Keep your overview of users up to date and remove the superfluous users to avoid unnecessary costs. You can control the users via Self Service - Authorisations.

Check the limits

Be aware of the consequences of authorizing users. Rabobank offers many opportunities to constrain authorizations and align with the roles within your organization. You can set up multiple authorizations, for example, placing a 2nd signature. You can also set limits for users. Are the limits correct and appropriate for your business and your users? You can change the limits via Self Service - Authorizations. For more tips to keep business banking safe, check out the page "Secure business banking

Set Rabo Alerts

Rabo Alerts are messages about your financial situation sent to you by Rabobank. You can set Rabo alerts for your payment and saving accounts. You can set alerts per account and receive them by SMS and / or email. You are directly informed of, for instance your balance, credits and debits and rejections of payments. You can set Rabo Alerts via Self service - Rabo Alerts.
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If you operate internationally or have complex questions concerning cash management, trade and/or treasury, go to Rabobank Corporate Connect for online business banking.
Read more about Rabobank Corporate Connect on rabobank.com

The charges for Rabo Internet Banking are as follows:

Rabo Internet Banking Professional € 5.50 per month
Rabo OnlineKey € 1.15 per month per card
Rabo WereldPas debit card € 1.65 per month per card
Rabo Scanner € 0.00
Rabo Banking Apps € 0.00
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