Initiation and reporting formats within Rabo Business Banking, Rabo Direct Connect (RDC) and SWIFT FileAct, you can exchange files between your own systems and those of Rabobank. Below you will find more information about the standardized formats.

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This section provides information about all supported initiation and reporting formats. With these formats you are able to exchange information between your own systems and the Rabobank systems.

Initiation of payment and direct debit files
You can use initiation formats to import Direct Debit- and payment files in Rabo Business Banking (Pro). The files are exported from your own systems.

Pain.001.001.03 - Generic Payment File

This format is based on the pain.001.001.03 standard and supports different type of payments:

  • Europayments
  • Urgent Domestic Europayments
  • Urgent Europayments
  • Worldpayments (payments outside the SEPA area)
  • Multibank payments
Format description Generic Payment File (PDF)
Status information

The status information reports rejected Euro payments and rejected Euro direct debits.

Pain.002.001.03 – Status information

This format provides status information on rejected SEPA payments and direct debits, urgent domestic europayments, urgent europayments, worldpayments (payments outside the SEPA area) and multibank payments.

Format description pain.002 (PDF)


Why choose pain.002?

  • Use pain.002 to gain insight in rejected transactions after importing an PAIN format.


Is your software ready?

Please contact your software vendor to determine whether your software supports the format you would like to use.

Reporting transactions

These files are used to provide information about the processed transactions on your account. These files can be downloaded from Rabo Business Banking (Pro) and imported in your own systems.

Which format should I use?

There is some diversity when it comes to reporting formats. Below you will find a description per format. With that description you will find information which should help you make an informed decision about which format best suits you.


CAMT.053.001.02 - Statement

This format contains information about processed transactions and the balance on your account. It contains only information over closed book dates (end of day).

Format description CAMT.053 (PDF)

Why choose CAMT.053?


  • The entire market is gradually switching to ISO20022 XML standards. Of all formats these formats will be most futureproof. Therefore you can expect less maintenance on your systems when using this format.
  • Richer data set. The format enables the use of new services in answer to future business needs
  • Possibility for detailed information. Every piece of information is supplied using its own XML tag.
  • Realisation of efficient end-to-end business processes. Initiation files are also XML files and contain the same information under the same tags.


Possible disadvantages

  • More complex implementation. Entirely new format. Possibly a bigger impact on your ERP- or software implementation.
  • Larger files due to more data. Check with your software vendor or IT-specialist if this poses any problems.


SWIFT MT940 Structured - Statement

This format contains information about processed transactions and the balance on your account. It contains only information over closed book dates (end of day). Format description SWIFT MT940 Structured (PDF)


Why choose SWIFT MT940 Structured? 


  • If you already use a version of the SWIFT MT940 Structured the impact on your IT is probably less then switching to a completely new format like CAMT.053.
  • The SWIFT MT940 Structured is similar to the standard MT940 with the addition that SEPA specific information is added in the remittance information using structured code words.


Possible disadvantages

  • Limited room for information. The SWIFT MT940 Structured will eventually not be suited to deliver all information added in the future.



CAMT.052.001.02 – Intraday report

This format contains information about processed transactions on your account during the business day (intraday).

Format description CAMT.052 (PDF)


Why choose MT942S/CAMT.052?

  • Use CAMT.052/MT942S when you need information about booked transactions on your bank account during business days.
  • Pros and cons are similar with MT940S and CAMT.053.


Transaction type codes

In this document you will find a description of the transaction type codes used in the reporting of the downloadformats (only CAMT and MT formats).

Transaction type codes

Other formats Update address book Test service for formats

It is important that your formats adhere to the Rabobank specifications. This will prevent rejections from occurring during the processing of your payments. In our test portal it is possible to test your files.

Test if your files meet the Rabobank specifications