Payt and Rabobank offer entrepreneurs even more convenience with Invoice Financing

24 juli 2023 14:42

Delivering the best financial software for customers and their debtors is Payt's goal. With Invoice Financing from Rabobank, Payt offers entrepreneurs even more simplicity. Entrepreneurs now no longer have to wait for their customer to pay, but can have an invoice pre-financed within minutes.

Automation of the debtor management

Payt's software ensures that all repetitive tasks in accounts receivable management are automated. 'This allows entrepreneurs to concentrate even better on more important things in the business,' says Sander Kamstra, director of Payt.

"No hassle, but simplicity and clarity."

Paying invoices is made as easy as possible for customers. For example, an IDEAL payment button and QR code have been incorporated into invoices, but that's not all. Customers are automatically reminded of outstanding invoices and business owners can communicate with debtors at invoice level.

The automation of the debtor management, allows business owners to save up to 80% in time and invoices are paid 30% faster on average. If a liquidity need remains, it can be quickly resolved with Invoice Financing.

The benefits for entrepreneurs

The automation of the debtor management tasks saves time and money. Because customers pay significantly faster, business owners' cash flow is also improved. With Invoice Financing, Payt enriches its offering and entrepreneurs have an additional option to maintain their cash flow.

Quick Form of Financing

'The need for financing is expected to increase in the future. Customers will more often go for simplicity and speed. By partnering with Rabobank, we can offer exactly that.'

'Entrepreneurs can now directly see the amount for which they can pre-finance invoices from their Payt dashboard. Financing can now be requested at the touch of a button. This means they have to worry less about any shortage of money and have a simple and quick form of financing at their disposal.'

Payt integrates multiple Rabo Embedded Services

In addition to Invoice Financing, Payt has also integrated another Embedded Service from Rabobank, Rabo Smart Pay. This means that business owners can now use their own Rabobank contract for all payment methods.