How does Rabo Internet Banking Professional work?

Rabo Internet Banking Professional makes online business banking easier and more transparent. Detailed information on its possibilities and demos are available here. A ‘More info’ link is available on each page in Internet Banking Professional if you need support while using Rabo Internet Banking Professional.

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Logging in
You can use the Rabo Scanner to log into Rabo Internet Banking Professional.

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Authorisations and limits
You can set and modify authorisations and limits for your users yourself. Click on ‘Authorisations’ in ‘Self-service’. You can add users, assign authorisations per account and link an access tool here. If desired, the Rabobank can set a four-eyes principle for changing authorisations.

Demo: Adding users and assigning authorisations Demo: Authorisations for creating and signing payment orders Demo: Extensive Account authorisations Demo: Four-eyes principle when changing authorisations

Leaflet Rabo Internetbanking Professional: Authorisations (basic), limits and options (PDF) Leaflet Rabo Internetbanking Professional: Extensive Account authorisations (PDF) Leaflet Rabo Internetbankieren Professional: four-eyes principle for changing authorisations (PDF)
Setting Account groups

Account groups allows you to create separate groups, for instance business units or projects, within your agreement. Each group has its own accounts and Administrators and its own address book.

This allows you to restrict the use of Rabo Internet Banking Professional and access to your details to the users who actually need that information.

Demo Rabo Internetbanking Professional: Account groups

Leaflet Rabo Internetbanking Professional: Account groups (PDF)
Linking an accounting package
Link your accounting package to Rabo Internet Banking Professional. This allows you to transfer payment orders, direct debit orders and information on balances and transactions in both directions.

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Leaflet RIB Pro Online accounting (PDF)
Importing payment and direct debit files
You can import files with payments and Euro Direct Debit orders that you have created in your accounting or bookkeeping package.

Read more on initiation of payment and direct debit files Test whether your files comply with the Rabobank specifications (Dutch)

Leaflet RIB Pro Order files ENG (PDF)
Download transactions
Download transactions enables you to save the transactions of all your current and savings accounts on your PC. Besides formats that are suitable for accounting packages, you can also download account statements in PDF. If you use an accounting package to process the transaction file, we advise you to consult the manual for it to find out which import files are supported by your accounting package.

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Leaflet Downloading transactions (PDF)
Placing of second signature
By placing a 2nd signature you give an approval of separate payments and batches which have been prepared by another user within the same agreement. In Authorisations you set per account per user the limit from which a second signature is necessary. Orders with a higher amount than the set limit will have the status ‘to be released’. Users which are authorized for placing a second signature, can find the orders via the menu option ‘Place 2nd Signature’. Placing a second signature is also possible with the Rabo Banking App.

Demo: Place second signature

Create direct debit orders
If you have concluded a Euro Direct Debit contract with your bank you can manually create and submit Euro Direct Debit orders. You can create a new Euro Direct Debit order by entering the required details or by using one or more addresses in the address book. Leaflet RIB Pro Euro Direct Debit (PDF)
Initiate World payments
You can create payment orders for outside Europe and/or in foreign currencies. You will receive a message if you have entered details that lead to a World payment. You will then have to enter additional details for a World payment to be processed. Leaflet RIB Pro World payment (PDF)
Operating systems and browsers
It is important to us that our website is easy to use for you and that the information is clear for everyone, For safe banking, your browser must comply with the latest security requirements. Check regularly whether you are using the latest version of your browser.

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