To sign and send orders

On this page you can send orders in Rabo Internet Banking. Use the Rabo Scanner or Random Reader Comfort and your debit card or Rabo Online Key-card. It is important to pay good attention in order to ensure safe banking.

Signing and sending orders with the Scanner

Ondertekenen en verzenden Rabo Scanner


  1. Overview of the orders to send. 
  2. Your account number. 
  3. The total amount of all the orders to send. Please note: the amount of the orders which have to be withdrawn or changed are also included here. If the amount is different from the entered orders, please contact your local bank immediately.
  4. Scan the color code with the Rabo Scanner.The display on the Rabo Scanner shows a summary of all the orders. Always check this summary. This has to match with the orders at the top of the page on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. 
  5. The scanner shows the order the Rabobank has received from you. If the summary is correct, press ‘YES’ on the Rabo Scanner. The Rabo Scanner will generate a signing code. Is this summary different? Then press ‘NO’ on the Rabo Scanner.
    Is the order incorrect? Choose ‘Cancel’ and adjust the order. If the summary is different it may be an indication of fraud. In the event of fraud, please contact your local bank immediately.
  6. Enter the signing code generated by the Rabo Scanner.
  7. To send the order click on ‘Sign’ after entering the signing code.
  8. If you click on ‘Cancel’ the orders will not be sent. You can still send the orders using the ‘Orders to be processed’ menu option that you can find under ‘Payment & Savings’.

FAQ Rabo Scanner (Dutch)

English demo signing with the Rabo Scanner

Problems or errors with internet banking

We do our utmost to make sure that it is possible to do your banking anywhere and anytime. Do you see an error code or an error message? Or do you have a different problem with internet banking? Please check our website to see if you can solve this yourself.

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