Urgent payment within Europe

  • Submit an urgent payment in Euro’s within the Netherlands before 4.30pm. The transaction will be sent, processed and credited within one and a half hours to the account of the recipient.
  • Submit an urgent payment in Euro’s to a country outside of the Netherlands but within the SEPA region before 4.30pm as well. While the receiving bank will receive the transferred funds the same day, we cannot guarantee these will be credited to the recipient’s account that same day as well. We have no influence on the crediting. Foreign banks have different processing timelines.
  • If you request us to make an urgent payment by phone, you will pay € 15,00 per transaction.
  • You cannot request an Urgent pay on an Acceptance giro, unless you change the method of payment to a transfer and you fill in the payment reference in the description field.
  • An urgent payment is usually not required if you sign the payment order on workdays before 3.00pm. The bank of the recipient usually processes the payment on the same day.
  • On weekdays after 4.30pm, weekends or public holidays an urgent payment is usually not required either. Select a regular Euro Payment. You will not pay any additional costs and the process of the payment will take place the next working day.
  • An urgent payment to a Rabobank account is never required. This payment is always processed immediately.
  • Urgent payments are not applicable to World Payments.